"Volkwagen has used the Paylab data for analysis of real and expected salaries on IT job positions in Slovakia and Czech Republic."

"Brueckner Slovakia  has used salary data to check salary trends from 2013 to 2015 for two positions (Machine Operator and Forklift Truck Operator)."

"Tesco has used detailed salary analyses for selected positions by Slovak regions and size of company."

"McDonald has used salary data to monitor the salaries of selected companies."

If you are a private user and would like to know more about your salary, visit www.paylab.com. If you are interested in PayLab data for your company, contact info@paylab.com for more information.

We know salaries around the world

Paylab is an international salary portal that collects information on the incomes and bonuses of employees in various positions. Paylab uses a unique methodology for collecting data with a three-phase control and over eight years’ experience. Visitors to the Paylab website or 14 partner sites (local salary portals) in their country can easily, anonymously and for free complete an online questionnaire on their salary, and compare their income with the national average for that position.  Paylab.com offers private users and companies tool for salary comparison in every country in the world. At the moment our database contains almost 450 000 salary profiles.

In December 2016 Paylab launched the Paylab Salary Checker - a mobile app allowing users to compare salaries. The mobile app builds on the Paylab salary portal, making this service more personalized for employees by providing them with regular salary updates.

The system always uses current data for the last 12 months. The independent salary analyses are then used by companies for the appropriate internal setting of salary levels for individual work positions. Paylab has two target groups. The first group are individuals on the labour market who want to know more about salaries for various positions. The second group are companies wanting to ensure fair remuneration rates for employees.

For companies Paylab offers detailed salary data in 14 European countries. With data from Paylab companies can have a perfect overview of the current state of wages. Due to salary information on individual positions companies can save costs and have market information for salary negotiations. With Paylab companies can also get a unique insight into the remuneration policies of other companies, enabling them to prevent losing their quality employees for competitive companies.

Salary survey was established in Slovakia in 2007 by Profesia (the largest job board in Slovakia). Profesia created the methodology for collecting, aggregating and processing the data for Paylab.